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Can’t create cluster due to bucket not existing

I completed the first dataproc lab fine, but after deleting the cluster it left two temp and staging storage buckets behind. I deleted them both thinking just to clean up, however now I can’t create a cluster for the second lab as I get the error below. It makes me think the console is trying to reuse the previously created buckets but I deleted them. Does anyone have any advice please?  I obscured the GUID on the end of the bucket name.

INVALID_ARGUMENT: Google Cloud Storage bucket does not exist ‘dataproc-staging-europe-west2-random ID removed’

1 Answers

I managed to get around this and create the cluster by manually creating a staging bucket and selecting this in the advanced options on cluster creation.   It would be good to know if there is a better way I should have cleaned up the environment after the first lab though please if anyone has ideas?

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