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-bash wget: command not found

getting -bash wget: command not found error on GCP cloudSQL hands on lab

1 Answers


Seems Debian 10 has been stripped back a bit! Just try: sudo apt install wget


Bharat Malgave

wget -O cloud_sql_proxy -bash: wget: command not found

Bharat Malgave

sudo apt install wget -O cloud_sql_proxy E: Command line option ‘O’ [from -O] is not understood in combination with the other options.

Bharat Malgave

giving error for option O

Bharat Malgave

Any resolution on this issue? I am not able to complete the lab

Tim Berry

After installing wget as above, this command works fine for me on Debian 10:

Tim Berry

wget -O cloud_sql_proxy

Muktesh Baldev Arya

sudo apt install wget worked for me

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