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Additional Resources

In the video at 02:25, it mentions some links for additional resources. Any chance to have that? 

Also shall we have a short module to cover GCP Tasks?

For Pub/Sub, is there a latency figure? Does it fit for use case with milliseconds latency requirements?

1 Answers

Hi Richard!

I’ve added the missing link on this video – although you may have already seen the resource in question, as it’s the reference architectures website we cover at the end of the course.

Cloud Tasks is not currently part of the published curriculum for the certification, so it hasn’t been included (the course is already quite long!)

As for Pub/Sub, latency is a complex issue due to the distributed nature of the system. It is possible to achieve relatively low latency with push subscriptions, however your mileage may vary and latency itself is not part of the SLA. To achieve the lowest latency possible it’s worth reading through Google’s architectural overview of Pub/Sub here:

Hope that helps!

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