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While linking issue with billing account

While linking my 4th Project with my trial billing account, getting an error saying that "You have reached the limit of projects on which you can enable billing. You can request an increase in your billing quota if you need to enable billing on additional projects."

Rohit Rana

Hello Krishna, as Mattias mentioned in one of the previous lessons, you can unlink the account which was created by Google for you at the time of joining. This way you can free up one slot to link the project you are working on. I hope this helps you.

Krishna Kumar Barik


1 Answers

There’s an "invisible" soft limit of the amount of projects that you can enable billing during the free trial period. I said "invisible" because I don’t see that is mentioned anywhere when registering a free account for trial usage (or there is but I don’t know where :D). This limit seems to be fluctuated between 3 and 5 and it’s different from account to account. For me personally, it was a 5-projects limit that I can enable billing on.

Just disable billing on an unused project so you have a slot for new project to come in.

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