Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Which Exam simulator/Practice exam would be the closest to an actual exam?

Hello Gurus!

I’ve read lots of discussions from this room. There is no one suggested Practice tests from Whizlabs /Are Whizlabs tests too unsifficient for Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer?/

So I’m not sure which practice test should I buy. Can any one suggest the best one? /Linux Academy, Acloudguru, Whizlabs/

1 Answers

Hello!  Your A Cloud Guru membership includes unlimited access to our GCP ACE Exam Simulator, which includes a whole bunch of questions that I designed to make sure you know your stuff before you pay Google to sit your exam.  Each question has a pretty thorough explanation about how you can arrive at the correct answers for other questions like it, plus links to supporting documentation for more follow-up.

Now, to answer your question about other question sites, like WL: I have never used them, I have never needed to use them, and I plan to never use them.  It’s just not worth the risk to me.  I have read far too many reports about them (including the one you mentioned, WL) selling stolen exam questions.  Now, I’m not sure whether they in particular have stolen any of the questions I wrote (it takes a lot of time and effort to write good exam questions!), but if they have stolen any of Google’s official exam questions, t**hen even just using them for practice could get your certifications revoked and you banned from using Google Cloud**.  Some "practice exam" sites are even so blatant that they advertise how they sell stolen "dumps" (yeesh, right?)–though others (like the one you mentioned) don’t claim anything, up-front, and I can’t verify either way.  But it’s just not worth the risk to me; I’m much happier using tools I know are above-board.  (To be clear, though I’ve never used LA, either, I would trust both them and ACG, at this time.)  And like I said, I’ve never needed to use any questionable tools and I’ve done very well on all my exams.

I hope this helps.


Toni LeTempt

The GCP ACE Exam Simulator link isn’t working.

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