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What is passing marks in GCP ACE exam??

What is passing marks in GCP ACE exam??


The exams are designed to determine only whether or not an individual meets a minimum passing standard. They are not designed to be diagnostic or spread people out on a scale of ability. For this reason, numerical scores are not meaningful for the examinee and can be misinterpreted.


Basically Google isn’t going to say you need a 70 to pass – they have there own algorithm.

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Yeah, Tomarock is right to quote Google’s official exam info, here: they don’t even give you an exam score, much less tell you how close you were to passing.  It’s just Pass or Fail.  Sorry.  That said, if you do this course and follow what I describe in my "Final Prep" lecture (and fair warning, that could take you quite a while, depending on your background), then I do believe you’ll pass.  Hope this helps!


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