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What is location when we create a new project ?

What is location when we create a new project ?

2 Answers

Hi Vipin.  I’m glad you’ve asked, so you can refine this aspect of your mental model.

Projects don’t have a location; they’re global.

In fact, the fundamentally-global nature of GCP is one of its key differences from AWS, which tends to have most things isolated by regions.  I recommend you rewatch this lecture on GCP’s Design and Structure, from my Intro to GCP course.  Does this help clarify?

Chandra Jagarlamudi

Mattias I agree GCP is Global, but what does location mean in New Project screen?

Mattias Andersson

Ah! Thanks for clarifying this! Seems I misunderstood the question.

Ah; sorry for misunderstanding your question, earlier.  I now understand that you are referring to the "Location" that sometimes shows up on the console’s "New Project" screen–such as at 0:55 in this lecture (as of when I posted this, anyway).

This is referring to the project’s location in the resource hierarchy.  When you create an "Organization" (which requires you to buy and validate a domain, which is why we haven’t done that in the course), you can have projects owned by the Organization and group them into folders for organization. 🙂  You can read more about the GCP resource hierarchy at this link and this page describes how it can be used to securely manage access to your GCP resources.

I hope this helps more than my previous response!


Chandra Jagarlamudi

Thanks that make it clear

Mattias Andersson

Happy to help! 🙂👍

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