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What is app-vpc CIDR?

This lab created a custom subnet "oregon-subnet" with CIDR in VPC app-vpc. Unlike AWS, GCP has no provision to provide the CIDR for VPC? What is the CIDR for app-vpc?

I was playing with it and I was able to create another subnet in app-vpc, same region, with CIDR This (10. range) is a totally different class than 192 range. How does this work?

1 Answers

Ah, I’m glad you’re wondering about this!  In GCP, the VPCs themselves do not have any fixed CIDR range that you must specify and adhere to when creating subnets.  Each subnet does have a CIDR range–and these ranges must not overlap, within the VPC–but you can use ranges from all over the RFC1918 private IP address bands. 🙂


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