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What are some ways to create my own application start to finish on GAE?

I’m trying to challenge myself and create an app engine app start to finish, beginning with code, instead of copying someone else’s pre-made config/application files. 

I recently finished Mattias’ GCP ACE course and I’ve been reviewing my course notes and trying to come up with my own labs. One of the things we did a lot of was working with different configuration files, and I wanted to get some practice doing this on my own. 

In the recommended additional kubernetes deep dive course, Nigel walked through a demo (ch. 6) that involves pushing a docker image to a repository, and then deploying the docker image to K8s, and creating the app almost from the very beginning. That lab has been very helpful. I wanted to try to create an app from docker in the app engine flexible environment, because I haven’t had a lot of practice with it. 

If you guys have any interesting challenges, or different methods for creating a configuration file, I’m open to any ideas and could definitely use the practice!

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