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Verify payment information to continue

I am getting Verify payment information to continue in Step 2 before launching the free trial where its asking me for the photo of my credit, debit or bank statement with just my name and last 4 digits wrt credit card. Should that be provided too as the free trial wont start without it. Is it fine?

Danesh Manoharan

Should be fine. Credit card is needed to prevent users from abusing the infra to mine crypto for example. When you run run out of credit you won’t be charge until your account is upgraded anyways 🙂

1 Answers

Be careful as you might have landed on the wrong page. For activating the one-year trial of GCP, you only need a Google Account that has a valid credit card linked.

It’s better that you sign in with the Google account that you want to use with GCP first, then go to your account setting and link your credit card to your Google Account. When the linkage is completed, head to GCP Console and activate the free trial. There should be no asking for photo of ID or bank statement or photo of your credit card.

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