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Upgrade successful

I opened my user account and clicked upgrade and clicked ok , then i got a message your account is successfully upgraded. However can this be a issue of cookies? But that should not give privilege for user to upgrade the account, right

3 Answers

Oh, no! First of all, I’m really sorry that this has happened to you. ☹️ And thank you for posting about it! I would really like to understand how this happened so I can warn future students about it.

One possibility that I see is that maybe it was using the privileges of your admin account, somehow. Did you maybe not fully log out of the admin account? Or were you maybe doing this in a normal, non-incognito window, such that it might have remembered your admin account from before?

The other possibility I can think of is that maybe you accidentally granted your user account the Billing Account Manager role instead of the Billing Account User? Could you please check whether this was the case?

In any case, you shouldn’t feel bad about this happening, because you (and actually, we all) can learn from it. But I would also like for you to be able to use a non-upgraded account, so try contacting Google Billing Support to see whether they can downgrade it back to a restricted trial account for you.

Please let me know what you learn about this situation, and again, thank you for sharing your experience!


mika senna

It didn’t give me a message that I could not upgrade. However at the same time it appears it did not upgrde my account as in my main admin account I still see the gift icon, and when clicking it it asks me to upgrade.

If you upgrade an free trial account but you do NOT add / create a billing account, you are still basically still on free trial. Without a billing account attached to a project, you are still restricted on which services you can use.

I luckily didn’t get the upgrade; but I also didn’t get the error message stating missing permissions.

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