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Unable to view projects in non-admin account

In the lab course ‘Set up non-Admin user access’, I created a new GMail address to use for this lab. Everything works for me except I am unable to view my newly created project under the Billing > My Projects menu. This is for the Google ACE exam course, chapter 6.6 at the 6:10 min mark. Any information you can provide would be helpful, thanks.

1 Answers

The interface of GCP Console has changed a bit since Mattias recorded this video. The menu you were looking for was no longer existed. For now in order to see which projects are linked to a Billing Account, you need to head to Billing > Account Management. You will see something like "Projects linked to this billing account" followed by a list of projects.


Thank you so much, I found the information I was looking for under that menu option.

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