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Unable to link billing with new project

Hi when working on this lab I am unable to link a new project to my billing account…. I only have two existing projects but when I setup the new project and attempt to link it with my billing account I receive an error stating: "You have reached the limit of projects on which you can enable billing. You can request an increase in your billing quota if you need to enable billing on additional projects." Do I just need to request a quota increase? Although I thought that the free trial account did not permit quota increases.

1 Answers

Hello Forest.  I talked a bit about this quota in this earlier lecture, but you probably just missed or forgot about it. 🙂  You can’t get the quota increased, while you’re on the free trial–but you can simply unlink projects you’re not actively using, to free up space.  Log on as your administrator account so you can see all the projects linked to your free trial billing account.  Hope that helps!


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