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Unable to create VM instance without billing account attached.

Hi all,  For the GCS-GCE Challenge lab,   I started by creating the new project in the "User account".   When I attempted the 2nd step of creating the GCE VM instance, the console prompted that it couldn’t create unless i have the billing account enabled.   Because it is the user account, i couldn’t create the billing account.  When i logged as the admin account, i am unable to see the project that i created.  Is it the only way to continue the lab is to create the billing account and proceed or am i missing something?

thank you in advance for your help,


Celeste Wilson

In order to be able to create a successful usable project, an identity needs 2 roles: billing account user, and project creator roles. In chapter 6 we created a user account that has both of these roles. You don’t need to create a new billing account to get your project to work, you do however need to link your project to a pre-existing billing account. Billing accounts have quotas on how many projects you can have linked to them, so if you have already reached that quota, then you might need to remove a project or two. Otherwise, you should be able to link your project to your billing account, and have success in using and creating resources.

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Whenever you create a project it will need to be linked to a billing account to use services.

You can do this via console:

or via cloud shell using the gcloud alpha command set:

should turn out something like this:

gcloud alpha billing accounts projects link –billing-account=

To find your Billing Account ID head to Billing -> Manage Billing Accounts 

and find it in the list

All of the above should be doable through the user account if setup as per this course’s introduction.

Hope this helps.

Let me know how you go.

Looks like there is a (hidden or new) limit of only 3 projects on user account within free tier


yes, catching a few people out, including me 🙂

hi all,   the issue was i had created several projects for trying out something and never realized that i went above the limit.   once i learnt this. i had to delete the unwanted projects and then started all over again.   That solved the problem.   thank you Ryan, Akin, Matt for sharing your ideas. thanks.

This is now a beta command: gcloud beta billing projects link <project id> --billing-account=<billing id>

Yep, beta command, i had to log out/login again to even see my new project and then in Console i noted it needed to be linked to billing so figured out the gcloud for that and did the linking and then came here to check the answers to validate. To list your billing id, run "gcloud beta billing accounts list"

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