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Unable to create free GCP account

Hi, I am unable to use the free GCP tier account. As soon as I provide my debit card details, it asks to verify the payment method, and I constantly see "A potential violation of our Acceptable user policy has been detected for a project of your own". And I am asked to provide more details regarding the screenshot of the card used. How should I get past this?

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Per my experience, debit card doesn’t have a good "successful rate" when being validated with many online payment systems. Especially those cards that don’t have EMV will potentially get lower "successful rate". It also depends on the "reputation" of the bank that issued you the card.

Credit card, on the other hand, must go through a complicated validation process (to validate the financial ability of holder) before being issued to you, so it has higher "reputation" than debit card. So unless the credit card was reported as stolen or expire, you would likely always have a "successful validation" when adding to any online payment system.

In this case, it seems that Google Cloud didn’t trust your debit card bank or the card has a number in an unknown range. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that you can do except following the instruction of Google Support. Or better, get a credit card will help solving the issue. A low credit limit, standard card is OK, you don’t really need a "platinum" or "super VIP" for this purpose.

Nabendu Varma

Hi Tuan, thanks for your response. I suspected the same, hence wrote to Google Support team immediately. Since I already sent a screenshot to them in my request, mentioning that I require the account as a Free Tier only, they reinstated the blocked project and confirmed the account validation. I can see my Free Trial status (credits and expiration date) too. All good now 🙂


Hi Nabendu, where did you reach to Google cloud support team. Any email address for support where you wrote your query. I am having similar issue & need help.

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