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Unable to associate an existing firewall rules with a VPC.

So I created a new firewall rule by going through VPC Network –> Firewall Rules –> Create firewall rule. But i do not find any option to associate this firewall rule with an existing VPC. To associate a firewall rule with a VPC, it seems like we always have to get into the VPC and add firewall rule, which seems to be like creating a new firewall rule always. Similarly a firewall created for one VPC, cannot be associated with another VPC.

Is there an option which am not aware of to make this association work OR is it restricted for some particular good reason ?

1 Answers

Hello, Schakraborty.  My guess is that you just missed this option because it is labelled "Network" instead of "VPC".  In any case, I just double-checked and I do still see this option: it’s the fourth one down on the "Create a firewall rule" page–after "Name", "Description", and "Logs" and just before "Priority".  Do you see it, now, or is your console somehow different (which does sometimes happen when Google is running an A/B test)?

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