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Udemy Google ACE course

Mattias, when will your Google ACE course, thats on Udemy, be availabe for acloudguru members?


Is it fair to say that the Udemy Google Ace Course does not prepare you enough to sit for a Google ACE exam? In other words, it would need to be supplemented with other courses

Mattias Andersson

To answer your question, Ldzinotyiwei: I wouldn’t say that, no. I would say, however, that you must do more than just watch the videos–you need to also do the labs and other homework I mention throughout the course.

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Hello! As an A Cloud Guru member, you already have access to everything in that course, and more! 😀 I have just finished uploading to this course the extra little bits we added or changed when we linearized the three courses into that one Udemy one, but I haven’t removed any of the things we needed to remove to abide by Udemy’s cross-linking restrictions. For example, here you still get referred to Robin’s excellent lesson on subnets and CIDR blocks, and this course also still includes references to the relevant lectures in my Cert Prep Guide that will help you with more effective learning and with breaking down tough exam questions. Those are things we just couldn’t keep in the Udemy version.

Furthermore, we are currently running a closed beta-test of our Accelerator Program for GCP ACE, where we lay out the entire ACE learning plan (of the ACloud.Guru courses) from square one in a completely linear way and broken down into weekly chunks. We’re not currently looking for more people to add to this, but if you’re really interested, I may still be able to add one or two more motivated participants. 😁 If you really want to do this, then contact support, tell them “Mattias said to contact you about pretty please adding me to the GCP ACE Accelerator Program Beta Test! :-)” and ask them to forward you to me. 🙂 Just a warning to those reading this, though, that we can’t add very many more people to this, quite yet, so don’t be discouraged if you need to wait until it gets past beta.

If you have any more questions, please let me know! Thanks!


Edit: To answer Mark’s question from his comment, below, the reason the runtimes look different is because the Udemy version of the course is a packaging-up of the following three courses from ACloud.Guru:

  • My GCP ACE course. 7h, 56 lessons. This gets hands-on with GCP and brings everything together for the certification.

  • My Intro to GCP course. 2h, 13 lessons. This should maybe be called the “Crash Course on GCP”, and it covers the breadth requirement for GCP ACE certification. Having it broken out into a separate course makes it easier to go through more than once–which I highly recommend, because it is quite dense. By itself, it is also an excellent jump-start for someone converting from AWS, and many people find it valuable to rewatch before each of their Professional-level GCP exams, too.

  • Nigel’s Kubernetes Deep Dive course. 4h, 54 lessons. This coverage is highly relevant to ACE. In the Udemy version, all of the lessons are embedded inline. On ACloud.Guru, you simply link to this course from the ACE course’s handoff lecture and complete it before come back to ACE.

When you add them up, it’s easy to see the combination: 7h + 2h + 4h = 13h. I expect every GCP ACE student to go through all three of these at least once each, regardless of platform.

But the Udemy course is missing some valuable and highly-recommended things from an ACloud.Guru membership that we couldn’t reasonably embed into that one course shell, such as:

  • ACG Fundamentals like this episode on Subnets and CIDR blocks. I link out to this from the relevant lecture in ACE.

  • My Cert Prep Guide course. This talks about AWS, but virtually all of the strategies and tips it contains apply directly to GCP. If you want to both 1) learn quickly and 2) do well on the exam, I think it’s worth your time (and the sooner you go through it, the more value you’ll get from it).

And, of course there are even way more things to an ACloud.Guru membership, but these are the ones that relate directly to this situation.

Mark L

Hi Mattias, Could you help to clarify? As it seems the course in acloud guru is a lot shorter in length while the one on udemy is 13+ hours with 120 modules. Many thanks.

Mattias Andersson

Definitely, Mark! I’ve edited my answer to add more info about this. Does this help?

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