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The zone ‘projects/notional-yeti-330407/zones/us-west2-b’ does not have enough resources available to fulfill the request. Try a different zone, or try again later.

It’s not giving the free tier zone, so I try with some other zone will I be charged?


I am assuming you are using the acloudguru GCP playground to create compute engine VMs. I too got the same error. I think we only have permissions to create VMs in specific regions and "us-west2" is not among the list. I tried with us-central1-f zone and it worked for me.

Komal Chauhan


3 Answers

Hi Komal , You need to go to compute engine in your specified project and click on create instaces and you will get predefined regions/zones are available . Only those regions/zone you need to set up in configuration . Then only you can create vm’s using gcloud. Hope i answered your question

You can list zones available to your project by typing:

gcloud compute zones list –filter "region ~ us-west"

A zone or region could be oversubscribed, you could eventually be lucky enough and try again for the zone and region and it eventually will create your vm. Another lazy/brute force  approach would be to just change your zone and/or region. Otherwise you can follow what was described above in the previous comments.

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