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I’m getting some few thing strange using the console. It seems like the course video and the latest console has differences in the steps to follow along. Can you upgrade?

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Hello, Ryan.  I do try to keep the lectures updated so students aren’t blocked–but because it takes a lot of time to rerecord everything, the videos do necessarily lag behind the official console’s exact visuals, somewhat.  Usually, most students find their way forward, but it can definitely pose a problem, sometimes.

Unfortunately, your question is a bit hard for me to respond to because it isn’t tied to any particular lecture, lab, or screen.  Can you please describe: 1) What it is you’re trying to do; 2) What is blocking you from proceeding; and 3) What it is you’ve already tried, to get past the block (such as forum posts that might seem similar, documentation pages, etc.)?  Details like that would go a long way to helping us help you.  (And I say "us" because this forum is most effective when other students take the opportunity to lock in their own learning by helping others with their questions.)



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