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the content in these videos seem to be outdated.

Am I the only one going through these old content? For example, the trial period is now for 90 days but the videos show it as one year. Billing alerts are only possible to set at project level now


Definitely needs to be refreshed. I’m constantly switching back and forward to the GCP site to double check if information is still accurate. Not confident I’m using my time correctly with this content.

2 Answers

Hey Kvk,

After a little research (I think I have an answer for you)
Yes, the UI is certainly different, but from what I can tell, if you progress through the lab, it should work as expected because:

1. If you hover over the left nav, the first item in the header of the nav shows that we have a billing account already selected

2. So, by default, we’ve already got an account to apply the budget to! (You can also select other billing accounts from here as well)

3. As a result, logically it is still the same as the video. But, for the sake of this lab… I think we still want to include "All projects" so it’s not scoped to a particular set of resources.

Lastly, I am a beginner as well so, if anyone has a more concrete answer or if I am completely wrong… please let me know! 😀

Updated budget documentation from Google:

There are a bunch of new fields in the UI when creating a budget now, vs what’s in the video. Like Grant said above I left the project scoped to all projects and services, but it was a bit unclear when choosing which credits to apply to the total cost.

I chose to apply Discounts but not apply Promotions and others.

My reasoning was that the budget we’re creating is meant to let us know when the $300 credit begins being used, not when it’s all used up, so by not applying Promotions and others we learn when we start spending money over the free usage limits. In contrast, I did choose to apply Discounts because I wanted to prevent the budget from reporting how much money I would be spending if there weren’t free tier usage limits ( I think I’d get confused with the Budget alerting about spending that isn’t really happening!

Not 100% sure, interested to hear what others think

Amol Deshmukh

Main intention of the lecture is to see how alerts work. so as per the lecture, we should not be applying any credits.

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