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tab autocomplete after gsutil

Hi all, just wondering if anyone is having this issue. I cannot recreate the behaviour of the tab autocomplete after typing any gsutil command. It is not completing the name of the buckets, and even more strangely, it will not autocomplete any of the names of the local files. So if I type gsutil cp READ<TAB> – nothing happens. But when typing another command like vim, it works (vim READ<TAB> returns vim README-cloudshell.txt. Also, when hitting tab after gsutil, the terminal just hangs for a few seconds (and won’t allow me to input anything), then becomes responsive again, but with nothing completed.

I have also managed to install the Google SDK on my local machine, and while the autocomplete is working, it is INCREDIBLY slow.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

John Corry

I am having the same experience with gsutil ls gs://{tab}

Priyanka Mishra

Same issue I am facing. I am not able press tab option to get the required info

Jorgen Ordonez

I’m having the same issue. I tried Juandavid Sanchez answer and it still didn’t work. When I hit tab you can see in the interactive console that a loading graphic appear but the bucket I have does not auto complete. I currently only have one bucket but hence I think it should find it automatic based on my experience with auto completion within the terminal.

2 Answers

Hi Tim,

Did you try closing the current cloud shell session and restarting again a new session?

I had the issue for the session hanging and autocomplete not working, I closed the current tab by closing the tab and terminal in the web console. Then click on the Cloud shell icon to start a new session and it works.

Hope this helps.

I’ve experienced the same behavior. You can try the interactive shell with ‘gcloud beta interactive’:  See for more info

That did the trick for me.

swathi ts

still can’t get for example this "gsutil ls gs://mybuc[TAB]" to work. With gcloud beta, it atleast tries to search for available buckets, but for some reason doesn’t find anything.

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