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Storage cost based on location type

Hello, so far I must say that this course is really good and I am really happy with Mattias as instructor, the pace and voice makes me watch and follow along real easy. Now off to the question:
In the lecture, the intention is to create a Multi Region bucket, but when trying to create it I got a tip for cost saving by using a regional one "Your bucket is eligible for the Google Cloud Platform free tier. Total usage of Cloud Storage within certain limits is always free." will this be ok? or further in the course we are going to do any type of activity that requires a muti region one?

1 Answers

Hi Luis, a lot of the labs that we do require us to create a new project so that we can create our new resources in a different project and maintain separation. Farther in the course it won’t matter that you used a regional bucket this time, and you should really only need the storage bucket for a couple videos in the storage section. 

In my experience it’s not hard to save your free trial money and follow along. I went through this whole course (including the bonus kubernetes course) and a handful of additional labs using my free trial account and I think I spent a little less that $5 of my GCP free trial credit. It’s also important to keep in mind how easily you can keep costs down if you clean up after yourself after every lab. Things like deleting a project, or disabling billing go a long way!

It’s definitely a good idea to know why we would want to use a regional or a multi regional bucket in this lab. Multi regional buckets are global and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with higher availability, which is part of the reason why they’re more expensive. In the lab that you just finished, do you feel like a multi regional bucket is more effective? Do you need the higher availability? If everything you did in the lab was in the same region, or even the same zone, then probably not. But if you were doing a lab where you needed to be able to access your bucket from all over the world (like a popular web application that used your bucket), you’d probably want multi regional set as your storage class.

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