Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Shouldn’t the course be updated every once in a while?

I’m at the beginning of the course and I think it is so far really awesome. Exceptionally well structured and presented, congratulations Mattias!

But the course is about two years old now. The concepts are probably very stable and didn’t change much. But some details did and just generally speaking I think updating a course in regular intervals is also a great way to incrementally improve it and add more content.

I know companies try to save money where they can – but I think this should be done. Actually, speaking as a customer, I’d even say I expect this.



Sohail Bhamani

Many of the screen shown in the video are drastically different now. Also, no one from ACG answers these discussion posts even though Mattias mentions it about 1000 times during the course.

David Lambert

Yeah… that has been my concern getting started with this. I’ve paid for the first month so I might as well get on through it. But if the labs differ too much from what GCP looks like now, I doubt I’ll be renewing.

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