Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Shouldn’t the admin account who created/added Billing Account User be able to see all the resources including the project “My User Project” created by Billing Account User?

I presumed the admin account as super user and will have all access to projects and resources. But to my surprise when admin account was not able to see the project created by Billing Account User…I was ah where did it go? Would this be different if it was a Organization Resource Hierarchy?

Sandip Gupta

i had the same issue….after i created the Billing Account User, and a Trial Project. I logged back as a ADMIN user, but under my billing account i could only see 2 projects not 3 as shown in the lab…did i do something wrong?

Sandip Gupta

Mattias – any issues?

2 Answers

Ah, yes!  I specifically wanted to demonstrate this, to make sure you don’t assume it works the other way! 😁

But don’t worry if you don’t "get" everything about this, yet–because we’ll go through more details around this in the Security section, later on in the course.

And to answer your question, yes, in the context of an Organization, different users may be able to see and control everything about the project in addition to the project creator–but only if that’s how you set it up because that’s what you want!

Thanks for sharing your surprise about this.  It may well prompt other students to think more deeply about this and therefore learn it better. 👍


Nagarajan R

Thank you Mattias. I will go through the security section and revisit to relate and gain better understanding

Mattias Andersson

Sounds good! Let us know if you have any further questions! 🙂

I just tried the demo in my free GCP account and i was able to see all 3 projects including user project from my admin this due to some recent update/change ?

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