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Set up billling account before creating bucket

Hi, after clicking Storage -> browser option, I can’t create bucket as shown in video. A message is appearing "You can use cloud storage after you able billing. If I click on the option of enable billing and select a billing account "My billing account", again it is giving me a message that "The project could not be linked to the billing account. Tracking number: 2790588730833443XXX". Can please anyone help. I think google updated it’s policy as nothing similar is shown in video. Thanks

2 Answers

That’s interesting… Following along with the labs, it would sound like your project isn’t wanting to link to the Billing Account for some reason. With two accounts; our administrative billing account which we set up first, and our user account which we set up second to contain our projects, there’s a potential disconnect there. in our lab Set Up Non-Admin User Access, we looked at setting up our user account with access to our Billing Account.

I’m thinking that’s a good place to start to confirm that the needed permissions are in place for the user account to be able to link its projects to the needed Billing Account

Bhanuchandar Kammakomati

thank @mattias it worked 🙂

P Naik

Thanks a lot Mattias. It is working now 🙂

Mattias Andersson

No problem! I’m glad it’s working for you all!

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