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Scopes, reading from metadata, setting new ones

Hello Cloud Gurus,

Exploring things related to the GCE In and Out lecture, I got myself really interested to know more about them below:

pimballeke@myhappyvm:~$ curl -H "Metadata-Flavor:Google"

After listing the below scopes, I see that it make sense if I say I can list buckets from the myhappyvm because the VM is set with the, am I right? And as it set for read_only, I tested the below:

pimballeke@myhappyvm:~$ touch file  
pimballeke@myhappyvm:~$ echo 1 > file  
pimballeke@myhappyvm:~$ cat file  
pimballeke@myhappyvm:~$ gsutil cp file gs://sackdoidalacka/  
Copying file://file [Content-Type=application/octet-stream]...  
AccessDeniedException: 403 Insufficient Permission  
pimballeke@myhappyvm:~$ gsutil ls gs://sackdoidalacka/  

Going a little bit further, I would like to prove it is correct, I would like to add the read_write scope and cp file to a bucket. I got out of the myhappyvm and ran the following:

pimballeke@cloudshell:~/.ssh (optimistic-leaf-265401)$ gcloud alpha compute instances set-scopes myhappyvm --scopes  
ERROR: (gcloud.alpha.compute.instances.set-scopes) Could not fetch resource:  
 - Required 'Alpha Access' permission for 'Compute API'

Reading further about the Required ‘Alpha Access’ permission for ‘Compute API’, I found an answer of a Google Engineer saying that it requires whitelisting the alpha command so it can access the Compute API and put up the request.

How can I do that? Any comments? I’m researching that yet so I can also find the resolution for this case.

1 Answers

Maybe you already figured it out, but adding it here for future readers.

You are attempting to us an alpha command and those are seems to invitation only as far as I understand. See

However you can run the same command but as beta and it seem to work. So instead do

gcloud beta compute instances set-scopes myhappyvm --scopes  

It will prompt you and say that you will have to stop your VM before editing scopes. You can do that by running gcloud compute instances stop myhappyvm

Run the command to modify the scope and start again by running gcloud compute instances start myhappyvm

If you curl the scope endpoint now it should say read_write.
Seems like gsutil caches the permissions so you might have to remove the .gsutil folder before attempting to copy the file with gsutil.

Wagner Bianchi

Thanks, Björn. I’ll try it out and let you know soon!

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