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Re: how does the exam guide relate to the 4 words poster?

Hi Mattias, could you please address my question on how ACE exam guide relate to the 4 words poster? I understand that both are really good resource but how do they organise the groups seems to be hard for me to understand. Most importantly, I wish to know how students could use it together for the exam purpose?

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To answer the big question of how they’re useful for the exam, I found it really useful at the end of the course. You’ll learn about a lot of technologies on that table, how they work, and what you use them for. But in the end, things can get really jumbled. This chart can be useful for clicking those connections back together on "Wait, which one was Dataprep, Dataproc, and Datalab?", or "BigTable and Spanner are both those huge databases, but which one is the global relational one?".

At this point, it’s not necessarily useful to read through and memorize the whole thing. But take it as a resource to come back to down the line, and it’ll help consolidate all the knowledge you’ll end up acquiring


Thanks for your response Stephen Sennett

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