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question related to Appengine deployment

can we use both –no-promo and ip address split while redeploying a new version of a service? if so what is the command for that? Doing so can we have a new version of a service route to certain % of users?

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Hello! I’m glad you’ve asked, to clarify this.

The action of deploying a new version of your app is completely different and a separate action from sending new traffic to that version. Now, if you have configured your app to promote by default or if you pass along the --promote flag to gcloud app deploy, then Google automatically will do these actions one after the other, for you, so they might seem to be the same thing. However, you can stop Google from doing them together and keep them separate by passing along the --no-promote flag or configuring the app to not promote new versions by default.

If you do want to do traffic splitting, then you should keep them separate. First, you would run gcloud app deploy --no-promote to make a new version of your application. Then, you would run gcloud app services set-traffic to start sending the new version traffic. To do a split, you would pass this set-traffic command a --splits flag with two versions and weight them however you currently want your split–maybe v1=99,v2=1 (99% to the old version, 1% to the new) or v1=7,v2=7 (50-50 split because they are weights, not percentages), or whatever. And the default behaviour for splitting traffic is to do it by IP.

I hope this helps!


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