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QR codes are nice yet please add them consistently as resource link

Feedback: In the training i would be helpful to have the referenced QR codes also as links in Resources section of training landing page (such as on the Final Prep). Just a helpful tip that would make this awesome training even better,

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Hello Don,

Noted. I will pass it on.

However keep in mind that all of these little features add a cost in $ and time. Decisions need to be make about how much value they add compared to say, having the time and money to add another lab, or another example, or bonus lecture.

I will mention it to Mattias and he can consider if adding more will practical once he hasthe next course complete.


Moderator & Coach

Hello, Don!  I’m glad you like the training!–and I’m happy you’re getting good value from the QR codes, too! 🙂

Also, thanks for letting us know your concerns.  I’m not sure I see what you mean, though.  I’ve tried to be very careful about always adding the QR links as resources–and when I double-and triple-checked this Final Prep lecture, I still can’t find any one that I’ve missed.  I see the resources show up both in the Resources" section under "Current" in the panel to the left of this lecture’s video, and I also see them all listed on the ACE course dashboard, when I press on the paperclip icon to the right of the "Final Prep" lecture in the list (over by the lecture’s runtime).  Can you please tell me which one seems to be missing?




thank you the Resource links are all now showing in this class.


It must have been my resolution as when I scrolled up they were all there! feel free to delete this question.

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