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Project ID shows in Cloud Shell CLI instead of Project Name

When using Cloud Shell I noted the unique project ID was in the CLI : (rg1234user@cloudshell:~ (unique-ellipse-280616) :  instead of the simple project name (ex. "service project lab").  Is there a way to change this?  I looked through the Settings and Permissions for the project, the unique ID isn’t editable.  Is there a way for the CLI to recognize the simple name instead of the ID ? 

ie.  rg1234user@cloudshell:~ (service project lab) 

thanks. rg

1 Answers

You can customize your prompt in Google Cloud Shell by editing: ~/.bashrc

You can see your current prompt: echo $PS1

Cloud Shell uses, $DEVSHELLPROJECTID for setting the project id in the prompt.

It’s probably not a good idea to change this as when you’re using gcloud commands you won’t be referring to the project name but the project id. So you could use $DEVSHELL_PROJECT_ID in scripts between projects (for example).

What might be better is to create a project with a unique name, then this will also be the project Id. And so the cloud shell prompt will show you what you want.

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