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Problem with Giving Billing User permission to existing account

I Granted the Access to an existing gmail account from admin account as Billing User. But When I login with the user to the cloud, I can see the Billing account getting reflected in User account but I cannot link My user project with the same. It says "you need to be billing administrator"

Chaitanya Apasangi

Just to answer this: It appears that my billing account was put in closed status by Google because my card was not compatible for auto payment. Initially for 1st day I was able to launch resources in GCP. But then my billing account became delinquent.

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Oh, wow!  Thank you for sharing your story!  I haven’t come across that situation yet, myself, but I can now keep an eye out for other students who might run across it.

I really appreciate your coming back here to report the answer you found. 👍

Did they suggest a course of action other than using a different card?  Is there something I could say to help students identify the type of card that would hit this issue?



Chaitanya Apasangi

Hi Mattias, So nice to hear from you! They did not suggest any action other than using different card but sure threw the error that "your card does not support automatic recurring payment", I figured it could be because I haven’t enabled auto credit on my card personally. Funny thing was: my payments section threw the error but I was able to create the resources for about 4-5 hrs. Then Google automatically closed My billing account and I reset my another card.

Mattias Andersson

Hi! Nice to hear from you, too! 🙂 And thanks for letting us know both what they said and how it behaved–it’s helpful. 👍 Glad you were able to use another card and get it going.

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