Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Prerequisite or Supplemental Knowledge for Learning Cloud

Hello community! I am new to learning the cloud. I selected GCP for my first platform. Are there any other technologies that I should learn/familiarize myself with before I deep dive into cloud? For example:

  • Programming languages? I have familiarity with Python and C#

  • Cyber Security

  • Networking

  • Databases? I am a data engineer, so this is probably where I have the most knowledge. 

Thanks to all who see and answer this thread.

1 Answers

Hello, John!  You don’t need to feel concerned that your background is too weak to start learning about cloud!  Dive right in! 😄  The fact that your background is in data engineering and includes familiarity with Python/C# will already give you a good boost!

But for anyone else reading this, those aren’t necessary, either! 😀  Our Associate-level certification courses (including this GCP ACE one) are designed to accommodate people of all backgrounds.  I will note, though, that someone with a very strong background will finish their learning in a small fraction of the time that it will take someone with a weak background–but both of those students should be able to go through the course and learn to cloud at a pace that is efficient for them.

And if at any point you feel like you are struggling, then please post on the forum about it! 😁  Students and instructors alike are happy to give tips, and we instructors really value feedback like that so we can improve our courses!  If you’re hitting some problem, you’re probably not the only one.

So welcome!  I hope you really enjoy your cloud-learning journey.


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