Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Practice Exam Useless (just passed ASE)

I just passed the ASE test. I did not take the practice exam. Out of curiosity I took a quick look at the practice exam questions after the ASE test.

The questions in the practice exam are NOT even close to the real ones in terms of difficulty. They are so simple that they are misleading. If you do well on them and think you will pass the real test, you are in for a huge shock!  Don’t waste time taking the practice exam. I made the big mistake trying to memorize commands for gcloud or gsutil etc. Guess what, close to none appeared in the real test and don’t bother memorizing. None of the questions requires memorizing.

The real test is VERY heavy on security (access) and networking. It is a tough test compared to AWS exams. Questions are all scenario based and you rarely see one-liner answers. 

For that matter, the GCP ASE class itself is quite outdated even though it is labeled as a 2020 class. For my study, I ended up reading through Google’s documentation on most of the topics. Unlike other classes on AWS certifications, this class is disappointingly thin in the amount and depth of material covered, and is not remotely sufficient to prepare you for the real test.

thanks for the update, i will use the documentation to study

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