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Pipe Symbol on Mac in GCP Cloud Shell

Usually on my NO Keyboard on Mac I have to use Option+7 for the pipe symbol; however this does not seem to work in Cloud Shell. Anyone got some recommendations on what I can use instead?

3 Answers

Hello!  This could be a frustrating thing, indeed!  Well, in case this winds up being the best solution for you (but I hope not!), here are a few that you could copy and paste in as you need them: ||||||||||  And here are some monospaced ones, too: ||||||||||.  Oh, and if you run out, just ask and I’ll add some more! 😉

But a better solution may be to press Shift+Alt+L, if this page is correct.  But there are some people for whom that didn’t work, so you can try what they recommend at either this link or this link.  One promising alternative says that Norwegian keyboards have a §½key to the left of the 1! key that might work with a single press.

I hope you get it sorted!

Ole Høglund

Seems like sadly neither of these work. ‘/§ key basically gives the symbol it does otherwise in my OS and it more or less seems like the Cloud Shell doesn’t read the option/alt key.

Ole Høglund

Copy paste is the way for now 🙂

Mattias Andersson

Ugh! That’s quite frustrating! Sorry those didn’t do it. I wonder if there’s some way to remap a key you don’t use, or something, but I’m not sure that’s possible on Mac. :-/

Hi Ole,
Have you considered getting a spare ‘US’ or ‘UK’ keyboard that you can plug in as a 2nd kbrd to use while working in GCP Cloud Shell ?  I know it would be a pain having to swap Kbrd mappings but it might solve the problem in the short term.

I just tested it but in reverse.  I plugged a PC usb kbrd into my MAC and selected the ‘Norwegian extended PC’ and it work perfectly.   Of course you do need to keep swapping mappings, but it may be better than what you have.


Moderator & Coach

Hi, the solution to this is in cloud shell, go to Keyboard settings -> Alt-gr mode. Change this from Auto to Left, and you’re done.

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