Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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PCA then ACE


I passed my PCA today. Below is a summary of my preparation:

a) Attended the ACloudGuru’s Mattias courses for both PCA and ACE. Both are very good and valuable resources and I highly recommended them. I like the way Mattias taught for PCA, it helps to give a good perspective of the scope but without spoon-feeding. After each session of his course, I try the labs and read up the GCP documentation on the same topics.

b) Coursera courses on Architecting with Compute Engine and Architecting with Kubernetes.

c) Lots of Qwilabs and try out things at GCP. It’s very important to have hands-on as quite a few questions on PCA actually on config or which commands to use. I think Google creates such questions to really test if you have any hands-on experience or just memorizing from books. 

d) Practice Exams from Google – try it at least once (but avoid more than 3 times to prevent "overfitting") to have a gauge of your preparation. Study again on those areas for questions you got them wrong.

e) Read up the 3 case studies and work out your own solution. It’s easier to fully understand and remember the case studies. No need to memorize it as they are conveniently provided at the right panel. About 3-5 questions for each case studies.

f) Need to know the differences between each compute, storage and network options.

In view of the above, and I take a look at the ACE, I believe there are many areas of overlapping. Are there any other areas or things I need to work on before taking the ACE exams?

I’m thinking of taking it next week, but if other things I need to study, I’m okay to postpone it by another 1-2 weeks.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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