Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed the ACE Exam 2/14/2020

Hello, I passed the exam on 2/14/2020. My background is that I have a C.S. Masters Degree and all the AWS Certifications along with 5 years+ of AWS Experience. My prep consisted of the following:

  • A few months of hands-on work experience with GCP

  • This course

  • The linux academy course

  • Several pluralsight courses.

  • I took the official practice exam (and got all but one question correct)

  • I took the acloudguru exam simulator. (This was an excellent simulator imo and among the best prep available).

Know the following:

  • What gcloud commands make it possible create a project?

  • Know BigTable external data sources

  • Read over a lot of the role names and functions, espeically those for iam, compute, project roles, primitive roles

  • Know when you would use a DaemonSet in k8s (do this when you want the same pod running on every node (including new nodes)

  • Know when to use google groups (pretty much always)

  • Know the google cloud storage tier options. Know the minimum number of storage days per tier and how to apply this to a use case.

  • Know that you can use regional cloud storage buckets for compliance reasons as far as where the data resides

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