Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed my Google ACE exam!

Hi everyone,

Got my ACE certification and I’m really proud! Mattias and Nigel courses were really valuable and taught me in the right direction in order to make you understand all the concepts and data flows and to push you to further investigate each topic.

My tips would be:

 – Study really hard, this is not a basic exam as you might think, Google’s exam really tests if you understand every single topic.

  • Do the labs, don’t just listen, you learn much more that way

  • Take Mattias example with GAE, do labs, check documentation, get the mindset right because it will be more valuable both to your career and to pass the exam.

  • A combination of these two courses, Google’s documentation and Qwiklabs will teach you a lot and get you prepared for this.

Good luck everyone and thank you Mattias and Nigel!

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Congratulations, Pedro! 🎊👏 You definitely should feel proud of your hard work and significant accomplishment! 😁👍

Your approach was clearly successful in terms of achieving this certification–but I strongly believe that the approach you took is also going to set you up for ongoing success, too.  I know many other students will be inspired by your journey and helped by your tips, so I will of course link this into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread.

Keep being awesome, Cloud Guru! 😀



Thank you Mattias, and keep bringing more great courses!

Mattias Andersson


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