Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed my GCP ACE Exam!

Passed my ACE exam on 7/26

I used the the following resouces:

Official Study Guide (found on Amazon for about $30), also, be careful the First Edition has plenty of typos

A Cloud Guru Course

Udemy Practice exam

I studied off and on for about 3 months. I ended up going through the study guide twice. To me, it had the most complete information on what was needed to pass the exam. The ACloudGuru course was informative, but I felt that it spent more time on background information about the data flow of the ecosystem. This is extremely help for real world situations but in terms of passing the exam I felt it was time that could have been better spent. Now, The IAM and Network sections of the ACloudGuru were very help though.

Things I wish ACloudGuru spent more time on:

GKE, I know the course has you do the Kubernetes Deep Dive but I feel just going through the GKE way of doing things would have been more helpful

App Engine: Like GKE, instead of deferring to the documention and google labs (which were helpful) just do a brief ins and out of the basics

As far as the practice Exams, The Official Study Guide came with 2. I found these to be a pretty accurate representation of the ACE Exam itself. The wording of questions is very similar. The ACloudGuru is about 50/50. I found that some of the question were structured like the exam but some questions, like the data flow questions, were off the mark. The Udemy exam was probably the least helpful as it seemed out of date and had question that didn’t seem relevant or used out of date terminology like Container Engine.


Well done

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Congratulations, John! 🎊  I’m glad your certification exam went well! 👍  And thanks for writing up your feedback for me and your advice to other students.  It’s very valuable. I will keep what you’ve written in mind as I work to improve the course–and I’m happy to link this post into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread, so others can benefit from it.

Keep being awesome!


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