Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam on 30th June 2019

I have passed the Google cloud Associate Cloud engineer exam on 30th June 2019 and got an email from Google with the certification on the next day.

When I have started with Google Cloud, I was not looking to get certified. Just wanted to explore Google’s cloud offering. After some time, without any direction I was just reading whatever I could find on the subject without any direction. 

Then decided to go for the ACE certification.  

Preparation Sources:

1. Coursera

  • All the 5 required coursera courses (GCP fundamentals, Essential & Elastic cloud infrastructure), K8S engine course and  Security and Networking specialization courses.

2. A Cloud guru

  • Introduction courses and GCP ACE certification course and practise exam. Mattias’s explanation of data flow way of thinking was very helpful. This way of thinking has helped me even when I was taking courses in other platforms.

3. Linux Academy 

  • Introduction courses and GCP ACE certification course. This certification course I took just few days before my exam and it was a refreshment. The practice exam also helpful. I took this practice 4 times and confident about the preparation when I get consistently above 90%.

4. Pluralsight

  • Several courses on GCP. Nothing specific to exam objective but for the overall understanding of Google cloud. Most of the courses I have taken are from Janani Ravi and her explanation was good.

5. Qwiklabs

6. Official Google Cloud ACE study guide by Dan Sullivan

  • I was having only two days before exam and gone through almost all the chapters and the review questions & answers at the end of each chapter. I found this study guide was very helpful as a last day preparation.

7. Google practice exam

  • I took this Google’s practice exam twice initially when I have started preparation. It was helpful and got a understanding of exam question pattern / structure.

Exam Topic:

1. Compute Engine

2. App Engine

3. Kubernetes Engine

4. Cloud Storage ( lifecycle management, storage classes )

5. gsutil

6. gcloud (configurations. etc))

7. IAM ( roles, etc)

8. Monitoring & Logging

9. VPC (firewalls, router,)

10. Audit / Activity logs

2 Answers

Well Done !




Congratulations, Rajanand! 🎊 I’m so glad that you found the ACE certification and could use it to focus your GCP learning! 👍 I’m also super-glad that you came away from my ACE course with such an understanding of data flows that you could apply it to all of the study you did, not just the rest of what I’ve made.  And while I don’t expect others will follow your full study plan, exactly (you were definitely very thorough! 😁), I’m sure they will find your report and list of exam topics very helpful, so I’ll link this into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread.  Thanks!

Keep being awesome!



Thanks Mattias. 🙂

Mattias Andersson


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