Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed google Certified Associate Cloud engineer

Hi A cloud gurus,

I passed google Certified Associate Cloud engineer yesterday. I used the following material to prepare to the exam:

Mattias Courses:

Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer -> The IAM, Auto-scaling section was brilliant, I responded every question easily.

AWS Certification Exam Prep Guide -> to learning effectively. (Amazing course)

Linux Academy:

The App and Kubernetes section was amazing.

Exam Tips

  • Kubernetes , App engine and IAM -> A lot of questions related to these items.

  • Deployment Manager, VPC, Load Balancer and Auto Scaling -> Some question about theses items.

  • A few question about commands line.

  • Learn the google console and the commands lines, it’s important.

  • Learn about the databases options, WHEN to use it and WHY to use it.

  • Read the question carefully, the exam question is trick.

  • Read the concepts of the services, use the google documentation.

The exam was well developed and it’s bit harder than AWS Solution Architect. I took 1 hour to answer all question and 20 minute to review.

Big thanks to Mattias!

4 Answers

Congrats! Thanks for the feedback. Were you able to use the 20% discount Google is offering?


Thanks. 😉 No I didn’t use it.

Chirag Suratkal

Hi ii.tagay, I will be registering for the examination shortly. Can you please provide details about discount your talking about?

Mattias Andersson

I’m not sure whether enrollment is open to all–or just past Qwiklabs users–but I think this is referring to their "Certification Grand Challenge":

Right on, Kelvin!  Congratulations! 🎉  I’m really glad to hear that my courses were helpful for your success, and I really appreciate you took the time to write out your experience! 😁I have now linked to this post from my exam report mega-thread.

I’m interested to learn that you got a lot of questions on App Engine, as I didn’t find the emphasis to be quite so heavy.  My exam had a very heavy emphasis on CLI stuff, instead.  I’m very glad you passed, of course, but I should maybe look at adding a bit more about GAE to this course, then.

Anyway, I understand you’re also looking toward the Professional Cloud Architect, next, and I’m sure you’ll do well on that one, too! 👍



Well done !

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