Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

Hello all,

I passed GCP’s Certified Associate Cloud Engineer. This one really summarizes the important points, but I like to share a few points as well:

– Kubernetes: There were so many in depth questions on Kubernetes. I was shocked. I knew Kubernetes from my job experience or else I would have not been able to get at least 10 questions. Don’t go to the exam until you know it inside outside. Know every detail of how you deploy and manage apps, how GCP implemented K8s services, how they interact. Basically be K8s expert.

– IAM: There were a few questions on how how you would interact between projects. For example how would one cluster accesses a resource in another project. It’s good to read best practises.

– Valid option to interact with GCP: A lot of different resources point out that there are many questions on how you perform a task, but most of the questions were looking for a valid option between GUI and gcloud

  • Tricky questions: I noticed that GCP exam was trickier than AWS. A single word (project vs resource vs org) would change the answer and you had to pay attention to each word. This is apparent even in their sample exam, so just read the question.

  • Time: i found time management not to be an issue even for a slow reader (English not my first Lang). I had more than an hour left on my exam.

– Watching Cloud Minute: A big thank to Mattias for introducing me to Cloud Minute. It definitely helped.

Thanks for Mattias for his great introduction to the platform. I look forward to seeing his course complete


I don’t have any cloud experience earlier (currently learning AWS from ACG course). How much time it will take me to crack GCP’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification? Also please help me what all courses do I need to follow apart from ACG course.

Wagner Bianchi

Thanks for sharing!

Ashok Soyanke

Thanks for Sharing!

Thank you for the great tips!!!

Tra Lucas

Thank you for sharing

3 Answers

First of all, congratulations, Saed! 🎉  I’m really happy for you! 👍

Second, thank you for writing up this valuable post!  I have now linked here from the exam report mega-thread, as I’m sure many other students will find it both helpful (given all the tips) and encouraging to read how you achieved the certification and that you didn’t feel so much time pressure during your exam.  Also, I am glad to hear that my courses and recommendations were helpful to your success, and I will definitely be adding lectures on GKE and Kubernetes, too.  When those are finished, I would love to get your feedback on whether you think I missed anything.

I see that you achieved AWS’s Solutions Architect Associate certification, earlier this year–and you already noted that this exam felt tricker–but did you feel like that background helped you in this exam or for learning GCP?  And as for GCP, how much exposure had you had to it before taking my courses?

Thanks, and congratulations, again!



Hi Mattias,


Currently doing gcp cloud associate engineer course from ACG, but when I saw the exam pattern and compared it with this course, I found that many topic are not covered in your course like VOC peering, Kubernetes, Roles etc


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