Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed Google certified ACE exam today March 23 2019

I am really happy to share that i passed this certification exam today! Very excited and happy 🙂

First of all, thanks to ACG and huge shout out to Mattias Andersson!!!

Quick Background: I have 18+ years of IT/Cloud, 6 AWS certs. Have been working on Cloud technologies over last 5-6 years heavily with primary focus on AWS. Working experience on AWS, GCP and Azure. No GCP certs and this is my 1st one !

Prep Time: 2 weeks

Training Source: ACG Course, GCP Console/Labs, Google documentation (not in depth)

Practice Exams: Google official practice exam, ACG Exam simulator and Linux Academy practice tests (did not go thr’ LA videos)

Here is some of my feedback:

1. Everyone’s feedback on mega-thread was extremely helpful to know what areas to focus for the exam

2. Mattias covered all the material pretty well on this ACE course, so big thanks!

3. My exam had heavy focus on – Kubernetes, Gcloud commands, App Engine, IAM, SSH keys, Storage types and Network.  The "Kubernetes Deep Dive" course from Nigel was really helpful.

4. @Mattias – Suggest you add more in depth coverage on network i.e. subnetting, VPCs, VPN, CIDR etc.



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Well done.

A good achievement.


Moderator & Coach

Boom! 💥 Congrats on adding this first GCP cert to your collection, Hemant! 🎊👏  And thanks so much for writing up this excellent post, too.  It hits all the points to make it useful to both me and other students–so I’ve of course now linked this into my exam report mega-thread. 🙂

I’m glad you got good value from all of our courses and these forums!  And I appreciate your suggestion to add some more about networking stuff.  Good feedback.  Thanks!

Keep Being Awesome, Cloud Guru! 😁👍


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