Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed Google ACE exam

Passed the Google ACE Exam. The course while it doesn’t provide all the content covered on the exam, it definitely points out all the topics which are required to pass the exam. Prior to taking this exam, I had limited GCP experience, but extensive AWS experience.

In addition to what is covered in the course, I found these following topics extremely helpful.





[App Engine]







Several people in the forums and the Internet have made comments comparing the GCP ACE to AWS. I found that difficult of the exam compares to the AWS Solution Architect Associate combined with the AWS SysOps Associate exam.

Thank you Mattias Anderson for putting together a good course on acloud guru.

Chitanya Chitturi

Is this course enough to pass this exam? or do we have to look at other resources?

4 Answers

Congratulations! Thanks for the feedback on your experience and for taking the time to provide links.


Hey, Greg! Nice job taking down the ACE cert, 👏 and thanks for providing such a comprehensive list of resources people can draw from to round out their own studies! 🙌  To help more people find this resource (your list, I mean), I have linked to this from my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread–and I fixed up your links to make them directly clickable.

Thanks, and Keep Being Awesome!


This is my next target so this review will be helpful, I hope it is still relevant.

I passed the exam. This thread was very useful. I used it for my last day preparation. I was able to capture some details had missed from the Acloudguru and Linux Academy trainings.

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