Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP Cloud Engineer Associate 19/7/2019

The ACG course was a huge help. AppEngine and Kubernetes were particularly difficult topic areas. I feel this course urgently needs some expansion in the AppEngine area.

Some content to tie together GKE specific Kubernetes and a summary of the command line would be very helpful.

Other areas that were extensively asked were command line initialisation and multi-account usage. Also networking. There were a number of multi-account questions on GCS, networking and other services (e.g. put all instances from two accounts into one network).


  • Some in-person training for GCP Cloud Architect Professional last year

  • Coursera GCP Cloud Architect Professional. You can often get coupons from GCP for this, it’s not really worth paying

  • About 3 months of practical experience architecting and/or implementing

  • Previous AWS experience (2 associate level certs)

  • This course

  • Revised kubectl options from main Kubernetes website

  • Did AppEngine lab as suggested. Had used AppEngine Cloud Scheduler previously (which was not covered in this course)

  • Used the exam simulator to target weak areas. On final try got 84%

Thanks for the course

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Congrats, teambob! 🎉  Nicely done. 👏

And you’re very welcome for the course, of course! 😄 I’m very glad you got good value from it and I appreciate your feedback on how I could make it even better.

I’m sure many others will be helped by reading your experience–including how you studied and how you scored on my exam simulator before passing the official exam–so I’m happy to link this into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread.

Thanks again, and keep being awesome!


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