Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Many Thanks to ACG helping me to get prepared for the GCP ACE Exam, which I passed today – Hurray!!!
The lessons had been very valuable and helpful for me to get a solid understanding. I always complemented the lessons with parallel hands-on work in my GCP trial environment to get a solid understanding and experience how it actually works.

I also used the Exam Quiz in ACG as well as Google and run through it multiple times. Even haveing quite a different set of questions during the exam I felt very comfortable and familiar with the questions and structure in the real exam, helping me to keep my focus on finding the correct answer.

The focus ares of my exam had been quite different to what I have heard and read before. The main areas had been

  • IAM of course and especially how to grant permissions across projects and organizations

  • GCE

  • Cloud Spanner and DataProc

  • Quite some VPC/Networking questions where I need to understand default connectivity

  • CLI in various flavours

Interestingly Kubernetes was not so prominent. Nevertheless the Kubernetes Deep Dive Lessons had been super interesting and valuable.

Overall felt quite well prepared.

Next target will be the GCP Professional Cloud Architect

Many Thanks to Mathias and the whole ACG Team

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