Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP Associate Cloud Engineer in a Week: Review and Study Guide

Hey All, 

Thanks for reading and checking this out. I hope this will help you prepare for the exam better and thereby pass your exam. I booked this exam a week ago and studied for it in a week and passed it. 

I do have previous experience with GCP (GKE and GCE). I used gcloud previously, but not extensively as I was using Terraform to deploy infrastructure on GCP. In fact, a year ago my coworker and I wanted to get this cert, so we even started preparing by watching Linux Academy course, but never got it done and left mid way as he changed his job and got his AWS cert instead. 

For me, I reflected back on how I wanted to get this cert, so went ahead and booked the date. For my preparations, I didn’t have much time as I only had a week and had to attend 2 parties in the week where I went out for drinks 😛 So, I basically started with ACloudGuru which really tries to prepare by having the right mindset. This exam will not test you on your knowledge of remembering and memorizing things, but rather how you use your knowledge in different use cases. Since, I had no time to do labs or do anything practical, so I just watched all ACloudGuru videos for this course on 1.5x-2.0x speed. Again, I have been working with GCP for sometime and even was part of a lift and shift from VMware to GCE instances. 

For K8s, I did not watch the video recommended in this course as I have been using kubectl in past with GKE clusters and also managing some K8s components for on-prem clusters. I also watched Linux Academy course for GCP ACE on speed 1.5x and didn’t get a chance to do any labs. FYI: Exam will really test you on GKE and how to use kubectl. I would say it is heavy on K8s. 

My feedback: I liked Linux Academy course better for "ME" because I had previous hands on experience with GCP and wanted to focus more on the certification test itself. I think ACloudGuru’s instructor has done a great job and really tries to set the right mindset and that is where this exam will test you on. The questions I saw on exam were things I could relate in real life. Since, I only used GCE and GKE, so I needed more knowledge on other components such as GAE which is not covered much in this course. So, I would highly recommend both the courses – ACloudGuru for how to approach each question and Linux Academy as they are more aligned to the cert content and questions. Additional content which helped me and would highly recommend: There is a video by The Cloud Tech Guy Joe on how to pass this exam, Udemy has 200+ questions which will help you cover a lot of content and if you get time, review the questions at the end of each chapter in the book itself. 

Good luck and I hope you do well,


Tolulope Adeyemi

Thank you for your tips.

Abhi Kapoor

For sure and good luck to you 🙂


Any questions around SDK or command line ? As there is an entire section on gsutil, gcloud, bq etc i was wondering if you need to remember those or understanding concepts on console is good enough ?

Abhi Kapoor

Sorry for the late response, as for some reason didn’t get notification for the comment. To answer your question, you do need to know the basic syntax of how gcloud commands are written. But, nothing too deep by going into particular arguments. Like know for sure if you can identify the right syntax amongst given options, but at the same time read on the useful gcloud commands.

3 Answers

Well done, 

  and thank you for the detailed feedback.


Abhi Kapoor

It’s my pleasure, good luck 😀

Thank you for this detailed review. It is my February target.

Abhi Kapoor

Good luck Kevin, I hope you do well 🙂


Thanks Abhi, I passed.

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