Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Passed my Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam yesterday. I am still waiting on the official pass from Google but I received the “Provisional Pass” after completing the exam. A little background on me, in the past year I have passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, 3 Azure Exams to get my MCSE and MCSA in Azure, and both the Azure Transition exams to get my Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certifications, in that time frame I also passed my CompTIA Security+ exam.

My main resource for passing this exam was Mattias’ ACE course which included Nigel’s Kubernetes course (this was a big help because I knew absolutely nothing about Kubernetes before this course). After completing the course and doing all the labs I dove deep into the Google Documentation for areas that I felt I was weak in. I also watched many Google Next Videos to help close gaps in my knowledge. The Google cloud minute videos were also very helpful. Hands on is a must! Make sure you can do everything in the exam objectives in both the CLI and Console. For Hands on experience I used Code Labs and a few labs I made up on my own to test my knowledge.

My test taking experience was pretty normal. I felt confident going in, panicked a little while taking the exam sure I was going to fail because the questions were very tricky, and the relieved when I hit the submit button and saw that I passed. Next up is the Professional Cloud Architect!

Thanks for the Course!

Hope this Helps someone


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Congratulations on passing Matthew! Thanks for providing detailed feedback to help other students.


Congratulations, Matt! 🎉  So glad you overcame your exam nerves to come out with now triple-cloud certification! 💥 And of course I’m glad that you found our courses to be so helpful to you on your journey–as well as the other linked resources (like the Google Cloud Minute videos that many other people have also highlighted)!

Thanks so much for writing up your background and experience. I’m sure many other people who follow the link here from my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread will find your post valuable.

I’m sure you will also take down your PCA exam, when you do that, and I hope you’ll find my PCA course to be a valuable part of your prep.  Keep being awesome!


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