Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP Associate Cloud Engineer

Hi All,

Today I passed GCP ACE exam. I took two months ago AWS CSA exam, and my opinion is this GCP exam is a little bit difficult than AWS CSA.

I recommend put attention to billing, IAM, GKE and App Engine. A lot of questions for these items.

How do I study for this exam?

  • I took Architect with GCP courses in Coursera.

  • I read best practices info and product descriptions from Google Cloud webpages.

  • I played with Google Cloud tools (Console and Shell)

And of course I saw all the videos from Acloud Guru about GCP. 

Now, I’ll wait for a job where I can apply all these knowledge!

PD: I took both exams (AWS – GCP) with my acloud t-shirt 🙂


Congratulation !

3 Answers

I also did the GCP Associate Engineer and I have also an AWS CSA.
Same feeling here, GCP is a bit more difficult.

You actually need to know how to do things, when AWS ask you if you know how does it work.

I will go for the GCP Pro Architect, I’ll come back to share the difficulty level.

Luis Sanchez

Thanks He.Ro. I’ll wait for your comments.

Mattias Andersson

Congratulations and thanks to you, too, He.Ro!

Alright!  A big congratulations on both of your new AWS and GCP certs! 🎉  And thanks for repping ACG at your exams, too! 😁👍

Also I appreciate you writing up your experience!  I’ve now linked to this from my exam report mega-thread, as I’m sure other students will find it helpful, too.

Regarding the areas you noted to focus on, I’ve just recently added several new lectures on IAM and billing control–do those seem like they cover most of what you needed for your exam, or are there more things I should add (or people should read) about that?  Also, if you’ve had a chance to go through our Kubernetes Deep Dive course, I’d love to hear your thoughts about how useful that was (or would have been) to you.  My feeling was that most of the GKE questions I got were more about Kubernetes itself and less about GKE, but maybe you had a different experience?

Again, congrats, and thank you!


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