Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP ACE exam

I passed on the GCP ACE exame this week after two months of study and practice. Even though I have experience with GKE and GCS, the exame is widely and it requires you other products besides the flagship ones.


the course and the labs were fundamental, but I strongly recommend you to go beyond and use your free trial credits to explore the products present in the exam’s blue print.

Also, I read most of the documentation posted in this thread.

I only felt confident to book the exame after scoring 85% on the simulator. However, the actual exame questions were a little bit harder for me because it didn’t focus much in Kubernetes, which I have experience. Most of questions focused in GAE, GCE, Storage, IAM, Logging and Monitoring.


GCE: auto scaling principals and health checks are required.

The exame had plenty of questions about GAE: change region, deploy from dev to prod, and app’s versions.

Also, it had questions about CIDR and subnet, so I recommend to study: how to calculate the number of host addresses given a CIDR block.

And last but not least, make sure you know Google-recommended practices for IAM (ssh key, service accounts, groups, least privilege, etc).


how about questions on SDK/Command-line? As we have an entire section understanding gsutil, gcloud and bq did you find questions on those commands?

Sylvio Neto

No, it didn’t have any questions related to bq but it had some related to gcloud but I don’t remember the question.

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