Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed GCP ACE Certification Exam

I passed the GCP ACE exam at the centre. I had AWS: SA-A certification but this exam was slightly tough. Few questions were open ended and you have to go with the assumptions to answer them so you are not sure whether you have Passed until you finished the exam. There were only 3-4 questions on Kubernetes. Lots of questions on IAM, VMs, Networking and S3. The exam is not as easy as it looks but not as difficult as some of the practice test are. 

Spent about 3 weeks studying for the exam. Matt’s course was really useful and Nigel’s course on K8s gave me confidence on K8s concepts. Read the google documentations (Official Study book if possible) on top of all the courses and practise lot of questions from different sources. Hands-on exercise and Quiklabs will add to your confidence but I got only 2-3 questions which required correct syntax.

I got my certification the next day unlike other students. who are waiting for week. 🙂

Thanks Matt and Nigel for the knowledge.

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